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Collaboration is key to world-class care

With access to a wealth of local and global expertise, Cleveland Clinic London balances cutting-edge technology and research with empathetic treatment in a healing environment

Collaboration is key to world-class care
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Set in the heart of London’s Belgravia, the 184-bed Cleveland Clinic London Hospital delivers cutting-edge healthcare in a calming, healing environment. Visitors are first struck by the abundance of natural light, and more than 100 pieces of fine art and 700 prints adorning the eight floors of the hospital, but the facility also houses the very latest technology to treat the most complex of conditions. 

Opened in Spring 2022, this is the second London-based facility established by the global non-profit health provider, delivering comprehensive inpatient medical and surgical services with a special focus on cardiovascular, digestive, neurological and orthopaedic care. The hospital was preceded by the six-storey Portland Place Outpatient Centre, opened in 2021, which welcomes patients for GP and specialist appointments, diagnostics and wellness check-ups.

With the opening of the London facilities, Cleveland Clinic introduced a new model of healthcare to the UK. Under a doctor-led model developed over more than 100 years, patients are always at the centre of care decisions, and medical experts operate as ‘teams of teams’, with patients benefiting from multidisciplinary collaboration. 

Much of the strength of Cleveland Clinic's UK facilities stems from being part of a global network, which spans cities across the United States as well as Toronto and Abu Dhabi. This enables the world’s foremost experts in their fields to share knowledge and collaborate on patient cases and best practices, with unique insights driven by innovation, research and education. Moreover, the integrated nature of Cleveland Clinic’s facilities and instant access to electronic patient records mean patients receive seamless and consistent care, wherever they are in the world.

International patient support

The dedicated Global Patient Services team supports patients through their entire treatment journey, and provides peace of mind when travelling for medical care. At Cleveland Clinic London, patients will always have a point of contact before, during and after their treatment to help make the necessary arrangements and address any concerns. Post-treatment follow-ups can take place virtually from patients’ home countries where feasible, or at the Cleveland Clinic location that is most convenient for them.

Professor Olaf Wendler, Chair of Cleveland Clinic London’s Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute, believes this international expertise is a key differentiator in the London private health market. He says, “We have appointed the most comprehensive group of London’s leading heart experts, who work together as one seamless multidisciplinary team to provide 24/7 patient care. They also leverage the expertise of our US colleagues at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, which for 28 consecutive years has been named the number one hospital for cardiology and heart surgery1

“The majority of our doctors are employed by Cleveland Clinic London for their private work, but continue to work in the National Health Service (NHS), meaning there is an ongoing exchange of clinical and academic knowledge with London’s top teaching hospitals and universities.”

Professor Wendler adds that Cleveland Clinic London also collaborates with the UK health and life sciences sector to share knowledge and improve patient care – for example, by developing a medical research data repository and spearheading initiatives for training and development of nurses and medical students.

Advantages for patients

There are several factors that distinguish Cleveland Clinic London from other private healthcare providers in the UK, which make it a popular choice for local and overseas patients. A comprehensive range of healthcare services is delivered with an innovative, empathetic approach that builds on Cleveland Clinic’s more than 100-year heritage. With Cleveland Clinic ranked among the world’s top hospitals2, doctors at the London facilities have access to a network of global experts, as well as the latest clinical equipment, including advanced laser and robotic surgery capabilities. 

Cleveland Clinic London uses the most advanced and integrated medical record technology, using mobile devices and patient apps to ensure patients are active participants in their care. In addition, patients needing to travel are assured of continuity of care across a global network, with concierge-style services to ensure a seamless patient journey. 

1 U.S. News & World Report; 2 Newsweek World’s Best Hospitals 2022

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