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The Integrated Cancer Campus

From diagnosis and treatment to recovery and rehabilitation, Cromwell Hospital offers rapid access to world-leading cancer care – all under one roof

The Integrated Cancer Campus
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At Cromwell Hospital, we understand that getting rapid access to quality cancer care has never been so important. According to the British Journal of Cancer, one in two people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime – it is an illness that will touch nearly every family personally. However, with an early diagnosis and fast access to a tailored treatment plan, there is a very good chance of beating cancer. 

We diagnose and treat all types of cancer at Cromwell Hospital, including breast, bowel, blood, gynaecological, prostate, liver, lung, skin, gastrointestinal and thyroid cancers. Alongside access to a pioneering team of world-leading cancer consultants, clinical nurse specialists, counsellors and specialist physiotherapists, all under one roof, we also offer rapid diagnostics including MRI, CT, PET-CT, ultrasound, mammography and endoscopy, and genetic testing, We also offer leading cancer treatments, including minimally invasive and robotic surgery, advanced radiotherapy and some of the latest cancer drugs.

We know that time to treatment heavily influences patient outcomes, so we’ve set up rapid-access patient pathways at our Integrated Cancer Campus, enabling patients to see a consultant, undergo the necessary tests and receive a diagnosis in the shortest possible timeframe. Our rapid-access cancer care pathways include breast, prostate, and bowel cancer.

Forming a multidisciplinary team, members from each of the clinical disciplines available at our Integrated Cancer Campus meet regularly to discuss patient cases. As part of these meetings, they review test results and work together to jointly devise a tailored treatment plan that best meets a patient’s personal and clinical needs. Evidence shows that this collaborative working contributes to better patient outcomes and an improved patient experience. 

Genetic testing for cancer

Each patient and every cancer case is different. As such, we tailor our cancer treatment pathways to the individual patient. A comprehensive genetics service, overseen by our clinical geneticist and team of world-leading oncologists, allows us to both understand a patient’s predisposition to cancer, and the specific genetic mutation of an existing cancer – therefore, tailoring a targeted and effective treatment plan.

Some types of cancer are more commonly associated with certain genes, and patients with these genes are more at risk of developing cancer. For example, patients with an altered BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene are more at risk of developing breast cancer. There are more than 100 gene variants associated with an increased risk of breast, prostate and ovarian cancer, and genetic testing can help identify these variants. Understanding the genetics behind cancer can not only help with diagnosis, but it can also guide oncologists on deciding what cancer treatment or medicine will work best for each individual patient.

Pioneering cancer drugs

Our experienced pharmacy team have access to all established drug regimens, as well as access to the latest cancer drugs. Being at the forefront of these new medicines means our patients have access to targeted cancer drugs that can both treat their cancer and reduce their symptoms and pain.

Where suitable, patients may undergo what is described as adjuvant therapy, where chemotherapy medications are administered after surgery. This is designed to kill any small remaining cancer cells to significantly reduce the chances of recurrence or relapse.

World-leading radiotherapy

We are proud to be partnered with GenesisCare, the leading private provider of radiotherapy services in the UK. Together we provide one of the most advanced oncology care pathways in Europe.

GenesisCare centre for radiotherapy at Cromwell Hospital offers some of the most advanced radiotherapy technologies in the world, working closely with leading health
professionals and investing early in cutting-edge treatments that are proven to be safe and effective. Designed around three state-of-the-art radiotherapy machines – the MRIdian, Gamma Knife Icon and Varian Edge – each specifically devised to treat different, and often complex cancers, meaning GenesisCare is equipped to treat all adult cancers with evidence-based care. 

These technologies improve outcomes by enhancing the precision of treatment – limiting side effects and reducing the number of treatment sessions required. Having these machines under one roof makes the centre Europe’s most advanced radiotherapy facility.  

Alongside the latest radiotherapy treatments, GenesisCare offers therapies that are proven to benefit people with cancer. Patients can access a fully equipped gym, where oncology exercise specialists prescribe exercise programmes tailored to a patient, helping the body heal itself and improving treatment tolerance. In addition, through GenesisCare's charity partner Penny Brohn UK, patients can also benefit from a ground-breaking approach to supporting emotional and physical wellbeing through complimentary therapies.

Together, Cromwell Hospital and GenesisCare are changing the way people experience cancer treatment and care, understanding what it takes to achieve the best possible life outcomes and going a little further to prove it.  

Minimally invasive and robotic surgery 

At our Integrated Cancer Campus at Cromwell Hospital, we are always looking for new ways to ensure we offer world-class care tailored to your needs. That’s why we are harnessing the benefits of the latest robotic-assisted surgical technologies to help our surgeons perform complex surgical procedures with even more precision. 

We offer technologically advanced robotic-assisted surgical technologies, including the da Vinci Xi system, used for a range of keyhole surgery in urology, general surgery, oncology, colorectal, hepato-pancreato-biliary, lung, gynaecology and head and neck procedures. The Da Vinci Xi consists of highly advanced robotic arms, controlled by the surgeon from a console in the operating theatre. 

The robotic arms provide the surgeon with greater precision, control and flexibility when using surgical instruments, as well as superior visualisation and enhanced camera technologies, helping them to accurately plan the operation and monitor progress in real-time. This technology means that we can provide our patients with a more personalised surgical experience, based on their specific diagnosis and anatomy, delivering care expertly tailored to their needs.

Counselling and emotional support 

Our specialist Macmillan Cancer counsellor, Helen Storey, offers an integral support service to our patients and their families. Helen is a qualified psychotherapist and specialist cancer counsellor, with over 20 years of experience in giving emotional support to those impacted by cancer – both patients and their families, including children. Helen offers a safe, confidential setting in which patients can talk honestly about their feelings and any concerns they have.

“My role is to provide both inpatient and outpatient counselling to cancer patients at Cromwell Hospital. After receiving a diagnosis of cancer, people can understandably feel anxious, and that the situation is out of their control. Talking about their feelings in a confidential and non-judgmental environment can bring a sense of relief and help with symptoms such as depression, sleeplessness, and anxiety. 

"Being treated at Cromwell and receiving support from the whole team, including allied health professionals such as counselling, physiotherapy, complimentary therapies and dietetics can help patients manage the side effects of treatment, feel less alone, find coping strategies and ways forward. At Cromwell Hospital, we are piloting a
prehabilitation clinic to offer support prior to treatment from physiotherapy, dietetics, and counselling, as research shows this leads to better outcomes across physical and psychological health and recovery.”

Helen Storey, Psychotherapist and Specialist Cancer Counsellor

Head and neck survivorship clinic 

At Cromwell Hospital, we have established the first survivorship clinic in recognition of the fact that patients going through head and neck cancer experience side effects that can impact their quality of life. There are many patients living with the consequences of having had head and neck cancer and treatment for it.

The survivorship clinic includes speech therapy, physiotherapy, dietetics and oral medicine, as well as surgery, so we can provide surveillance and manage symptoms such as dry mouth, fibrosis after radiotherapy, and dental issues that arise, as well as supporting and monitoring some of the rarer side effects. It is all about making sure that we can rehabilitate patients and help them live as full a life as possible after cancer. 

If you are concerned about your health, or have received a cancer diagnosis and are considering private treatment, contact Cromwell Hospital to learn more about your options: call +44 (0)20 7460 5700 or visit

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